‘Craft Thinking’ – conférence pour Homo Faber (Venise 2018)

What role does craft play in an uncertain world in search of meaning? Beyond the excellence of the artisans’ skills and works, we see signs of craftsmanship’s impact extending into education, politics, economy and the environment. Chloé Braunstein-Kriegel and Fabien Petiot, co-authors of the new anthology “Crafts”, argue that it’s time for “craft thinking”.

27th September 2018 | 14:00-14:45 | Fondazione Cini (« Lo Squero ») in Venise for Homo Faber Event (Crafting a more human future)

Video available on : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMpgznKv94Y

Special thanks to our conference host Bruno Giussani !

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